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1 FLOWERS THAT HEAL on Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:06 pm

Chef Pipos Petre

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Flower therapy is a new method to improve the physical suffering by treating the emotional
       You probably do not know , but the fragrance of flowers can transform a person sullen and depressed , in a positive , optimistic . Basically, floral smelling certain you will feel better. Moreover, no matter what pain you have , Flower therapy can help improve it . The hidden beauty of the petals is great healing power . The show is the product color , if using Bach flower therapy by the rules , a method less known to us, but with excellent results in other parts of the world . Flower remedies are inexpensive, effective, no side effects and easy to use. Now , in season floral explosion , we try to look and get drunk with the scent that heals .

   Drops health

   The principle is based floral therapy is that , most times , his illnesses are just a consequence of psycho-emotional disorders occurring after the interaction with what surrounds us or traumatic events that have passed and that I could not forget them . Flower extracts serve to mitigate these inner conflicts and restore harmony to the body. Who discovered the virtues of flower therapy is a British physician Edward Bach (1886-1936) , a specialist in imunopneumologie , Pathology and homeopathy. His therapy with flower essences was noised everyone, but not in Romania . Recently , it was brought up by a few specialists who apply the method in private clinics . After a preliminary interview , the patient is given a bottle of essence. The therapist will determine the number of drops required for treatment. Usually , put two drops on the tongue or mouth with a little water . Therapy can be applied even to us, if we know what flowers fit our disorder . In any case do not expect miracles , it takes several weeks to eliminate the problem. The effect of therapy is not scientifically proven , but frequent applications were effective in most cases , their success depending very much and will the patient.
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   The flowers are collected dew

   Considering that all the diseases of the physical body is due to mental states , after six years of study , Bach has defined 38 balance moods which destabilizes the system, favoring the appearance of diseases . He has divided into seven main groups reveals many fundamental conflicts ourselves : fear, insecurity itself, low interest now, loneliness, hypersensitivity to external ideas and influences , exaggerated concern for the welfare of others . Each group meet certain flower essences derived from plants . There are no simple methods of preparation . The flowers are harvested at dawn , full of dew. Quality essence depends on the phases of the Moon , the place where they were gathered flowers , atmospheric humidity . Basic material essences are flowers and buds . They are inserted in glass vases filled with spring water , placed three hours the sun. Meanwhile flower essence is extracted from the water , then mix with grain alcohol for preservation. The method is valid for 20 species , 18 other remedies are prepared by boiling . Not every parent can prepare these species , only people who have been fasting and prayers made ??. Moreover , in the world there are currently only two manufacturers of Bach flower essences in England and Germany.
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   A 100 % natural method

   Of the 38 plants used in therapy Bach, only some flora are found in our country. Bach 's main plant in pharmacy are bone grass , lady's mantle , water lily , sea tourists , Cerato , Scleranthus , tendril , chicory, vervain , berries , tintaura and gentian . And the diseases we treat are : neurovegetative dystonia , anxiety neurosis , depression , neuroastenia , panic attacks , phobias of all kinds, neurosis obsessive compulsive disorder , Tourette's syndrome ( disease tics ) , psychogenic enuresis , anorexia , bulimia , lack of attention , concentration poor results at school , psychogenic impotence . Also, essences improve hiperkinestezia , hysteria and epilepsy, mental fortification made ??for exams , interviews or various activities and is an excellent adjunct in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders (hypertension , diabetes , asthma , gastritis, hormonal disorders , biliary dyskinesia ) . Who recommended therapy Bach ? Everyone from small children to the elderly. The drops did not have adverse effects so far . The flower essences are treated as good people, and animals , and even plants . Bach Therapy is a very simple , handy , natural , no side effects and does not interfere with any other form of medication. There is no danger of overdose or allergic reactions.
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   Ulm for fatigue and discouragement

   Here are some of Bach 's plants and diseases that are recommended. Great tourists ( Agrimony ) is used as a remedy for those with concerns , problems and mental distress hidden behind a cheerful and smiling guises for those who maintain their state of joy resorting to drink or drugs. Tintaura ( Centaurium umbellatum ) serves those with a weak will who neglects his own person . It is used when it finds an exaggerated sensitivity to influences and ideas , Affirm self. Keep patient abused and avoid confrontations . Chicory is the possessive , selfish , domineering attitudes and those who try to control the lives of their loved ones . Essence Cerato treat people who need advice or confirmation from others , lacking confidence in their own decisions . Grape vines antidote weak mind , dreamy , helping Individuals who live in the imaginary and Paduret apple ( Malus pumila ) is recommended for those who are afraid of disease, contagion , they think ugly or complex moral aspects . Elm ( Ulmus procera ) removes the feeling of strain , exhaustion , despair , discouragement , leaving the feeling that he can not cope with daily tasks and responsibilities .

" As long as the soul , body and spirit are in harmony , nothing can affect us . " ( Dr. Edward Bach )

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   Aspen banish phobias

   Wild barley dispels despair and bring hope and lady's mantle away nervous tension , fear having a known cause ( fear of going to the dentist , give up the elevator to remain without money, etc. ) . Gentian ( Gentiana amarella ) actioneazaa of discontent when the patient has a pessimistic attitude , sees only the negative side of things, give up easily after failures. M \ olive is used in physical and mental exhaustion . Aspen (Populus tremula ) is useful when the patient has a fear of unknown origin , vague and unexplained anxiety , premonitions , hidden fears a disaster threatening, is scared as a result of feeling that something bad will happen . Essence of beech ( Fagus sylvatica ) acting on critical exaggerated feelings manifested on others . Usually, it is used when the patient is intolerant and totally ignore the needs and weaknesses of close. Prunus cerasifera (Prunus cerasifera ) is used when the feelings of fear of their own emotional reactions , for example, fear of going crazy . Patient is difficult to ignore or move away from things, has a temper uncontrollably and not afraid to lose control and not lose their minds .

   Fear goes with wild rose

   Essence of tendril ( Clematis vitalba ) is to bring the patient down to earth when they show little interest in the present. Usually , the patient is absent, not interested in anything daydreaming . Larch ( Larix decidua ) is used in feelings of self-doubt and fear of failure when the patient feels inferior to others and always expect to fail in what he does. Mustard ( Sinapis arvensis ) is useful in feelings of sadness , anxiety, sudden depression, melancholy period that appear and disappear for no apparent reason . Oak (Quercus robur ) raise the awareness of physical limits , especially warrior people who feel tired , yet never quit . Wild rose ( Helianthemum nummularium ) is used successfully against feelings of panic , terror , fear paralyzing . Vervain ( Verbena officinalis ) is cure for excessive enthusiasm , fanaticism manifested from an idea or dogma . Usually, the excessive desire to serve a good cause , the patient is wasting energy, reacts as a missionary or a fanatic.
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   And spring water is cure

   Christmas ( Ilex aquifolium ) beneficial influence feelings of malice , jealousy, mistrust , hatred and envy , when the patient has an exaggerated sensitivity to influences and ideas of others , react aggressively and is vindictive . Essence of honeysuckle ( Lonicera caprifolium ) wakes the patient's interest for the present, when he has a tendency to always escape the past, she is continually miss childhood , of his parents' home . Spring water is itself a remedy is indicated the rigid , principled extremism. Besides these flower remedies , there are a complex formula : Rescue Remedy, effective in difficult situations . Rescue Remedy is a combination of five Bach flower essences recommended to overcome stress and tension in the case of strong emotional shock , accidents, receiving bad news. In case of emergency, the best way to get instant results is to apply undiluted essence directly on the tongue or rubbing temples , the area behind the ears and wrists hands with this remedy .

   Dr. flowers cure

   Dr. Bach Flower Therapy founder , began his medical studies at the age of 19. Since the time student , noted that different patients , not always cure the same disease with the same treatment. Patients with personality and temperament similar but respond to the same drug . He attended training in imonulogie and bacteriology , he discovered homeopathy vaccines known today as the Bach Bowel Nosodes . In July 1917 he underwent an emergency operation for cancer. Healing has helped to understand the close connection that exists between the mind , emotions, immunity and healing. At the age of 43 years Dr. Bach has left behind his entire research and laboratory and sold off to Wales to find those plants provided by nature able to heal. Walking on the field , and realized that the electromagnetic radiation of the sun , dew impregnate the entire energy pure, unadulterated and healing flower that is resting. In 1930 , he wrote the book " Heal yourself " . Already successful in treating patients with flower essences prepared by him. One year after said treatment method containing the 38 flower essences is complete, the evening of November 27, 1936 , aged 50 years , Dr Bach passed away peacefully in his sleep , leaving a legacy of revolutionary therapy , simple and 100 % natural .
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   What flowers should smell in case of ...

Excessive ambition : grape vine , marsh violet , spring water

Apathy : barley, hawthorn , wild mustard

Arrogance : marsh violet , larch , beech

Self-pity : yellow willow , holly , chicory

Apparent calm : sea tourists , common beech

Inferiority complexes pine, oats, tintaura

Behavior hesitant : wild oats , wild pigeon , beef white

Cleaning and exaggerated orders : manzanita , larch , spring water

Depression: mustard, goldenseal , olive

Excessive devotion : chestnut red chicory , pine

Despair : chestnut , elm , willow yellow

Physical and mental exhaustion : olive, hornbeam , barley

Excessive zeal : verbena , grape vines , spring water

Phobias : aspen , lady's mantle , grass bone

Fear of losing self-control : corcodusstejar elm

Mistakes repeated : chestnut , white grape , skinny

Exaggerated worry : chicory , red chestnut , pine

Fixed Ideas : chestnut , pine, verbena

Inconsistency : Walnut tintaura , wild pigeon

Inflexibility : spring water , marsh violet , grape vines

Intolerance : beech, grape vines , spring water

Envy : grape vine , beech, Prunus cerasifera

Irritability : skinny , grape vines , oats

Stubbornly oak, grape vine , verbena

Lack of awareness of their own values: larch , elm, autumn gentian , wild pigeon

Lack of energy : hornbeam , olive , elm

Lack of will : tintaura , pine , chestnut red

Melancholia : white grape , honeysuckle

Indecision : wild pigeon , Walnut

Confidence in oneself : Cerato , wild pigeon , Walnut

Uncertainty due to overload : elm, autumn gentian , hornbeam

Need to talk much heather , chicory

Nostalgia : honeysuckle, white grape

Panic bone grass , aspen , lady's mantle

Pessimism : autumn gentian , barley, chestnut

Resignation : hawthorn , barley , mustard wild chestnut

Spaimaa from concrete things : Lady's Mantle , aspen , grass bone

Shock : balusca , holly , lady's mantle , honeysuckle .

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Terapia florala este o metoda noua de ameliorare a suferintelor fizice prin tratarea celor emotionale
       Probabil nu stiti, dar mireasma unor flori va poate transforma dintr-o persoana ursuza si deprimata, intr-una pozitiva, optimista. Practic, mirosind anumite arome florale, va veti simti mai bine. Mai mult, indiferent ce suferinta aveti, terapia cu flori va poate ajuta sa o ameliorati. In frumusetea petalelor e ascunsa o mare putere tamaduitoare. Spectacolul culorilor este si medicament, daca utilizam florile dupa regulile terapiei Bach, o metoda mai putin cunoscuta la noi, dar cu rezultate excelente in alte parti ale lumii. Remediile florale sunt ieftine, eficiente, fara efecte secundare si simplu de utilizat. Acum, in anotimpul exploziei florale, putem incerca sa privim si sa ne imbatam cu mirosul florilor care vindeca.

   Picaturi de sanatate

   Principiul pe care se bazeaza terapia florala este acela ca, de cele mai multe ori, bolile de care suferim sunt doar o consecinta a unor tulburari psihoemotionale aparute in urma interactiunii cu ceea ce ne inconjoara sau a unor evenimente traumatice prin care am trecut si pe care nu am reusit sa le uitam. Extrasele de flori au rolul de a diminua toate aceste conflicte interioare si de a restabili armonia organismului. Cel care a descoperit virtutile terapiei cu flori este un britanic, doctorul Edward Bach (1886-1936), specialist in imunopneumologie, patologie si homeopatie. Terapia lui cu esente florale a avut un mare rasunet in toata lumea, dar nu si in România. Recent, a fost readusa in actualitate de cativa specialisti care aplica metoda in cabinete particulare. Dupa un interviu prealabil, pacientului i se da o sticluta cu esenta. Terapeutul va stabili si numarul de picaturi necesare pentru tratament. De obicei, se pun doua picaturi pe limba sau se beau cu putina apa. Terapia poate fi aplicata chiar de noi, daca stim ce flori se potrivesc cu tulburarea noastra. In nici un caz sa nu ne asteptam la minuni, e nevoie de cateva saptamani pana la eliminarea problemei. Efectul terapiei nu este demonstrat stiintific, dar aplicatiile frecvente au fost eficiente in cele mai multe cazuri, de succesul lor depinzand foarte mult si vointa pacientului.
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   Florile se culeg pe roua

   Considerand ca toate bolile corpului fizic se datoreaza unor stari psihice, dupa sase ani de studiu, Bach a definit 38 de stari sufletesti care destabilizeaza echilibrul sistemului, favorizand aparitia bolilor. El le-a impartit in 7 grupe principale care reprezinta tot atatea conflicte fundamentale din noi insine: frica, nesiguranta de sine, interes scazut fata de prezent, singuratate, hipersensibilitate la idei si influente exterioare, grija exagerata pentru bunastarea celorlalti. Fiecarei grupe ii corespund anumite esente florale obtinute din plante. Procedeele de preparare nu sunt simple. Florile se recolteaza in zori, pline de roua. Calitatea esentelor depinde si de fazele Lunii, locul din care au fost culese florile, umiditate atmosferica. Materia de baza a esentelor sunt florile si bobocii. Acestea se introduc in vase de sticla umplute cu apa de izvor, asezate trei ore la soare. In acest timp esenta florilor este extrasa de apa, apoi se amesteca cu alcool de cereale pentru conservare. Metoda e valabila pentru 20 de esente, celelalte 18 remedii sunt pregatite prin fierbere. Nu oricine poate prepara aceste esente-mama, ci numai persoanele care au tinut post si au facut rugaciuni. De altfel, in lume exista in prezent doar doi producatori de esente florale Bach, in Anglia si Germania.

   O metoda 100% naturala

   Din cele 38 de plante folosite in terapia Bach, doar o parte se gasesc in flora tarii noastre. Principalele plante din farmacia lui Bach sunt: iarba osului, cretisoara, crinul de apa, turita mare, cerato, scleranthus, curpen, cicoare, verbina, pomusor, tintaura si gentiana. Iar bolile pe care le trateaza sunt: distonia neurovegetativa, nevroza anxioasa, depresia, neuroastenia, atacul de panica, fobiile de toate felurile, nevroza compulsiv obsesiva, sindromul Tourette (boala ticurilor), enurezisul psihogen, anorexia, bulimia, lipsa de atentie-concentrare, rezultatele slabe la invatatura, impotenta psihogena. Totodata, esentele amelioreaza hiperkinestezia, isteria si epilepsia, realizeaza fortificarea psihica pentru sustinerea examenelor, interviurilor sau a diverselor activitati si este un excelent adjuvant in tratarea afectiunilor psihosomatice (hipertensiune arteriala, diabet, astm, gastrita, tulburari hormonale, dischinezii biliare). Cui i se recomanda terapia Bach? Oricui, de la copii foarte mici, la persoane in varsta. Picaturile nu au avut pana acum efecte adverse. Cu esente florale  se trateaza la fel de bine si oamenii, si animalele, chiar si plantele. Terapia Bach este o metoda foarte simpla, la indemana oricui, naturala, nu are efecte secundare si nu interfereaza cu nici o alta forma de tratament medicamentos. Nu exista pericolul de supradozaj sau de reactii alergice.
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   Ulm pentru oboseala si descurajare

   Iata cateva dintre plantele lui Bach si afectiunile pentru care sunt recomandate. Turita mare (Agrimony) este folosita ca remediu pentru cei cu ingrijorari, probleme si suferinta mentala ascunsa in spatele unei infatisari vesele sau zimbitoare si pentru cei care isi mentin starea de veselie recurgand la bautura sau droguri. Tintaura (Centaurium umbellatum) serveste celor cu o vointa slaba, care isi neglijeaza propria persoana. Se foloseste atunci cand se constata o sensibilitate exagerata la influente si idei, neafirmarea sinelui. Pacientul se lasa abuzat si evita confruntarile. Cicoarea este pentru posesivi, egoisti, cei cu o atitudine dominatoare si care incearca sa controleze viata celor dragi. Esenta de cerato trateaza persoanele care au nevoie de sfaturi sau confirmari din partea celorlalti, fiind lipsite de incredere in propriile decizii. Vita-de-vie e antidotul mintii slabe, visatoare, ajutand personele care traiesc in imaginar, iar marul paduret (Malus Pumila) se recomanda celor care se tem de boala, de molipsiri, se cred uriti sau sunt complexati de anumite aspecte morale. Ulmul (Ulmus procera) inlatura senzatia de suprasolicitare, istovire, deznadejde, descurajare, parasire, sentimentul ca nu mai poate face fata sarcinilor si responsabilitatilor zilnice.

„Atata timp cat sufletul, corpul si spiritul sunt in armonie, nimic nu ne poate afecta.

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   Plopul tremurator alunga fobiile

   Orzul salbatic risipeste disperarea si readuce speranta, iar cretisoara alunga tensiunea nervoasa, frica avand o cauza cunoscuta (teama de a merge la dentist, d a urca in lift, de a ramane fara bani etc). Ghintura (Gentiana amarella) actioneazaa asupra nemultumirii, atunci cand pacientul are o atitudine pesimista, vede doar partea negativa a lucrurilor, renunta usor dupa insuccese. M\slinul se foloseste in epuizarea fizica si psihica. Plopul tremurator (Populus tremula) este util atunci cand pacientul are o teama de origine necunoscuta, anxietati vagi si inexplicabile, premonitii, temeri ascunse de un dezastru amenintator, este speriat ca urmare a unor presentimente ca se va intampala ceva rau. Esenta de fag (Fagus sylvatica) actioneaza asupra sentimentelor critice exagerate manifestate asupra celor din jur. De regula, se foloseste atunci cand pacientul este intolerant si ignora total nevoile si slabiciunile celor apropiati. Corcodusul (Prunus cerasifera) este folosit atunci cand apare sentimentul de frica fata de propriile reactii emotionale, de exemplu teama de a nu innebuni. Pacientului ii este greu sa ignore sau sa se distanteze de anumite lucruri, are un temperament incontrolabil si se teme sa nu piarda controlul sau sa nu-si piarda mintile.
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   Frica trece cu trandafir salbatic

   Esenta de curpen (Clematis vitalba) are rolul de a readuce pacientul cu picioarele pe pamant, atunci cand manifesta interes scazut fata de prezent. De obicei, pacientul este absent, nu e interesat de nimic, viseaza cu ochii deschisi. Larita (Larix decidua) este folosita in sentimente de neincredere in sine si teama de esec, cand pacientul se simte inferior fata de cei din jur si mereu se asteapta sa dea gres in ceea ce face. Mustarul (Sinapis arvensis) este util in sentimente de tristete, anxietate brusca, depresii, perioade de melancolie care apar si dispar fara un motiv evident. Stejarul (Quercus robur) ajuta la constientizarea limitelor fizice, in special in cazul persoanelor luptatoare, care se simt obosite, dar totusi nu renunta niciodata. Trandafirul salbatic (Helianthemum nummularium) se foloseste cu success impotriva sentimentelor de panica, teroare, frica paralizanta. Verbina (Verbena officinalis) este leac pentru entuziasm exagerat, fanatism manifestat fata de o idee sau o dogma. De regula, din dorinta exagerata de a servi unei cauze bune, pacientul isi iroseste energia, reactioneaza ca un misionar sau ca un fanatic.

   Si apa de izvor e remediu

   Craciunica (Ilex aquifolium) influenteaza benefic sentimentele de rautate, gelozie, neincredere, ura si invidie, atunci cand pacientul are o sensibilitate exagerata la influentele si ideile altora, reactioneaza agresiv si este razbunator. Esenta de caprifoi (Lonicera Caprifolium) trezeste interesul pacientului pentru prezent, atunci cand are tendinta sa evadeze mereu in trecut, ii este continuu dor de copilarie, de casa parinteasca. Apa de izvor este ea insasi un remediu, fiind indicata celor rigizi, cu principii extremiste. Pe linga aceste remedii florale, mai exista si o formula complexa: Rescue Remedy, eficienta in situatiile dificile. Rescue Remedy este o combinatie de cinci esente florale Bach recomandata pentru a depasi stresul si tensiunea in caz de soc emotional puternic, accidente, primirea unor vesti proaste. In caz de urgenta, cea mai buna metoda pentru a obtine rezultate instantanee consta in aplicarea esentei nediluate direct pe limba sau prin frictionarea timplelor, a zonei din spatele urechilor si a incheieturilor palmelor cu acest remediu.
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   Doctorul florilor de leac

   Doctorul Bach, fondatorul terapiei florale, si-a inceput studiile medicale la varsta de 19 ani. Inca de pe vremea studentiei, a observat ca, la pacienti diferiti, aceeasi boala nu se vindeca intotdeauna cu acelasi tratament. Pacientii cu personalitate si temperament asemanator insa raspundeau la acelasi medicament. A urmat specializari in imonulogie si bacteriologie, el descoperind vaccinurile cunoscute astazi in homeopatie sub denumirea de nosode intestinale Bach. In iulie 1917 a fost operat de urgenta de cancer. Vindecarea sa l-a ajutat sa inteleaga legatura strinsa care exista intre minte, emotii, imunitate si vindecare. La varsta de 43 de ani Dr Bach a lasat in urma intreaga sa activitate de cercetare, si-a vandut laboratorul si a pornit spre Tara Galilor pentru a descoperi acele plante oferite de natura capabile sa vindece. Plimbandu-se pe cimp, si-a dat seama ca, prin radiatia electromagnetica a soarelui, roua se impregneaza cu intreaga energie pura, nealterata si vindecatoare a florii pe care se odihneste. In 1930, a scris cartea „Vindeca-te singur“. Deja obtinuse succese in tratarea unor pacienti cu esente florale preparate chiar de el. La un an dupa ce a declarat ca metoda de tratament continand cele 38 de esente florale este completa, in seara zilei de 27 noiembrie 1936, in varsta de 50 de ani, Dr Bach s-a stins linistit in somn, lasand mostenire o terapie revolutionara, simpla si 100% naturala.
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   Ce flori trebuie sa mirosim in caz de...

Ambitie exagerata: vita-de-vie, viorea de balta, apa de izvor

Apatie: orz, maces, mustar salbatic

Aroganta: viorea de balta, larita, fag

Autocompatimire: salcie galbena, ilice, cicoare

Calm aparent: turita mare, fag comun

Complexe de inferioritate: pin, ovaz, tintaura

Comportament ezitant: ovaz salbatic, porumbar salbatic, vita alba

Curatenie si ordine exagerata: mar paduret, larita, apa de izvor

Depresie: mustar, gentiana, maslin

Devotament exagerat: castan rosu, cicoare, pin

Deznadejde: castan comestibil, ulm, salcie galbena

Epuizare fizica si psihica: maslin, carpen, orz

Exces de zel: verbina, vita-de-vie, apa de izvor

Fobii: plop tremurator, cretisoara, iarba osului

Frica de a-si pierde stapanirea de sine: corcodusstejar, ulm

Greseli repetate: castan salbatic, vita alba, slabanog

Grija exagerata: cicoare, castan rosu, pin

Idei fixe: castan salbatic, pin, verbina

Inconsecventa: nuc, tintaura, porumbar salbatic

Inflexibilitate: apa de izvor, viorea de balta, vita-de-vie

Intoleranta: fag, vita-de-vie, apa de izvor

Invidie: vita-de-vie, fag, corcodus

Irascibilitate: slabanog, vita-de-vie, ovaz

Incapatinare: stejar, vita-de-vie, verbina

Lipsa constiintei propriei valori: larita, ulm, gentiana de toamna, porumbar salbatic

Lipsa de energie: carpen, maslin, ulm

Lipsa de vointa: tintaura, pin, castan rosu

Melancolie: vita alba, caprifoi

Nehotarare: porumbar salbatic, nuc

Neincredere in fortele proprii: cerato, porumbar salbatic, nuc

Nesiguranta datorata suprasolicitarii: ulm, gentiana de toamna, carpen

Nevoia de a vorbi mult: iarba neagra, cicoare

Nostalgie: caprifoi, vita alba

Panica: iarba osului, plop tremurator, cretisoara

Pesimism: gentiana de toamna, orz, castan comestibil

Resemnare: maces, orz, mustar salbatic, castan comestibil
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Spaimaa fata de lucrurile concrete: cretisoara, plop tremurator, iarba osului

Stari de soc: balusca, ilice, cretisoara, caprifoi.


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