Aici puteti gasi ultimele noutati in domeniul gastronomiei profesionale, de la cele mai exotice preparate de bucatarie internationala si nu numai cu proponderenta in cea asiatica dar si in bucataria franceza la mancare gatita in casa.



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» Pipos Petre is a Romanian chef currently working in Bucarest at the Hotel Minerva. After studying tourism in Istanbul (Turkey) and Bucarest (Romania) Pipos Petre worked in various establishmens such as the Intercontinental Hotel of Bucarest, the Partouch
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    1 THE TRAGIC END OF THE BRANCOVENILOR on Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:59 pm

    Chef Pipos Petre

    Chef Pipos Petre
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    One day in early March 1714 , the streets narrow and crowded with foreigners of the famous slums of the Phanar in Constantinople , the swarm of people gathered here from all over the world loomed slender silhouette of a man dressed in European clothes . With fast-paced , lively, with glasses and with his customary leather bag Cordoba doctor Levantine Antonio Corea was headed by one of his patients . Antonio Corea was a little-known figure in Constantinople. Until settling in the metropolis on the Bosporus , coming from Rome, doctor scour several countries. Inn and Bucharest , spent several years at the court of Constantine Brancoveanu, who discussed significant issues of culture and art . Sympathy for the Roman ruler who had astonished him by his vast and multifaceted culture by his taste for beauty .

    Perhaps the doctor would not have remembered Constantin Brancoveanu, if it would be a really spoke on how trivial so decisive for the life of the ruler . Situated his patient , Antonio Corea witnessed the discussion held between the patient and a friend's house , secretary of Grand Vizier . I do not know Turkish very well , but could understand the " Vlahbeiul " as they called Sultan counselors Constantin Brancoveanu, was out of favor with the Porte. Said the rebel was to be deposed , to be confiscate all wealth and be imprisoned , with his entire family in Istanbul .

    During his travels , Antonio Corea had seen and heard more , and good and bad, but what she was given to hear now was totally out of the ordinary . Brancoveanu knew too well , so he was convinced that he had committed a terrible injustice. Emerging from the house of his patient , Korea ran a Phanar Greek known as fiduciary of Prince of Wallachia. Done with it , a letter announcing the danger that it depended on Constantin Voda , in the 26th year of his reign . Then, secretly , send missive to Bucharest.

    When he received the letter ... , Brancoveanu is in his palace , surrounded by advisers . Seated on his throne covered with red velvet Persia , Prince gave reading aloud rows by his good friends in Constantinople. On hearing the horrifying news to reassure the prince , nobleman Creţulescu - such as claims Del Chiaro 's personal secretary Brancoveanu - exclaimed : " My Lord , Easter is near, I have Greek or money to celebrate and use it to your middle niscai yellow squeeze " . Mini Prince tore the letter in front of everybody , saying bitterly , lead the fucking croaking bad news . " More careful , Mrs. Marie picks asked her husband to go back to Targoviste , because , she said, thence Transylvania will be safer than Bucharest. Perhaps the prince had heeded her request if the disease had not nailed it to bed their daughter , Rock , widow of beizadea Radu Ilieş . Any remedy used for healing they prove useless . In one day , Mr. Rock , in the throes of death and tormented by hallucinations to strict summoned mother and sisters . Before giving their end with troubled eyes , she pointed to the wall in front of the palace , saying it sees a band of Turkish gentleman catch him and put him in chains to take him to Istanbul. Was it , as he says Del Chiaro , " warning signs of an impending disaster " ?

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    A wedding that never has taken place ...

    Destruction of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu had been planned since 1711, after the Battle of Stănileşti . If its implementation was delayed another 3 years , it was because the Sultan wanted to have as much evidence against the Prince of Wallachia. Of course, the decision taken by the Porte grounds were heavily influenced by complaints envious of fugitives bear enmity to him by Count Poniatowski man Charles XII , and hate those who coveted the throne country : Talaba , the agent 's Rákóczi , Michael Racoviţă , Nicholas Mavrocordat and many others. They sat on the head of the Sultan and Grand Vizier , insists that he finish his with " rich " and " traitor " by Brancoveanu .

    About riches were proverbial royal court both in Europe and in the Middle East. Monumental nature and beauty of the palaces built by Constantin Brancoveanu Bucharest and Mogoşoaia to Potlogi and Brancoveni , wealth, elegance and perfect taste with their interiors were adorned amazed and aroused the envy of many. In Istanbul, " Vlahbeiului " Constantin Brancoveanu was called " Altin - Bey ," meaning " prince gold " . The events of the summer of 1711, culminating in the Russo-Turkish war and the battle on the banks of the Prut , from Stănileşti , made his political and diplomatic activity Brancoveanu to suffer a failure. Moreover , because of this failure , the enemies have attributed ruler and qualifier , traitor. " But that was why the " Prince of gold " was considered " a traitor " Porte ?

    Worried about the fate of his country , located midway where they were to face the armies of Russia and Turkey , Constantin Brancoveanu wrote , near the battle mentioned , Peter the Great - who was returning victorious from Poltava - a congratulatory message , promising him also that will help with food during the anti - Ottoman war . On the other hand , not harm anything trust Gate , Roman prince send, from time to time , the envoys to Constantinople , dozens of bags of gold , furs and other precious gifts . How both sides , war preparations were in full swing, Constantin Brancoveanu gathers , and he army in Camp Urlaţi to be as close to Moldova. He decided , however, not to take any action , only when it would serve the interests of Wallachia . An unforeseen event busted , but all the secret plans . A group of landowners - the head of which was Prince 's cousin , Thomas back Cantacuzino , army commander - we leave before the battle and went into the camp of Peter the Great. There were perhaps much, if it would have stopped there , but Peter Thomas entrust 12,000 people , and this , in a heady rush , taking part in the attack and conquest Braila City , which was mange Turkish . For this reason , subsequent events took another turn . Battle on the banks of the Prut ended with the defeat of the Russian armies , and Peter the Great had to conclude peace with the Grand Vizier Mehmed Baltagi . Neither of the two great powers did not lose , but all over the country who had carried the war . After the battle , the Turks did not want to believe that switching back of Thomas and other nobles of the Russian Tsar happened unbeknownst Prince of Wallachia. Turks conviction was strengthened by Constantin Cantacuzino - " cilibiul ", " more teacher ", " writer " - which many doubt , today, that would have poisoned Serban Cantacuzino , his brother, but which no one doubt that he was the one who channeled hatred against his nephew Sultan . Rightly Radu Popescu wrote: " Only the thief the Old High Steward Constantin , only he , knowing all but taking him as an uncle and as a father , knew the books from the Germans , and from Muscat .. . and obtaining his where they were they given Turkey " .
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    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Not knowing what is not known warp threads Constantinople and all its bitterness on even in the courtyard of the royal palace in Bucharest , Constantin Brancoveanu, a few days before the horrible chance, had completely different concerns. He wanted to see him married Radu , his eldest son . What bride - daughter of Prince Antiochus Cantemir Cantemir's niece - in Constantinople , sent Brancoveanu Balasa , the smallest of the seven daughters of his and her husband Manolache Lambrino , lead Grand Vizier , in but a sable coat and a bag of 4,000 ducats, asking him his approval for marriage ceremony . In the letter accompanying the gifts , Constantin Brancoveanu wrote that " fear that the project is not bad seen accompanying the gate , in which case it would be ready to annul the marriage ." When you read the letter , Grand Vizier Ali Pasha said : " I do not know what to think about the prince of Wallachia - to appreciate a good man because I send gifts , or seeing all Pire gathered against him, consider him a man bad? We have , however, watched , to take appropriate measures . " Until the implementation of those measures , Prince Constantin had not come to doubt , therefore, Ali Pasha replied : " To celebrate the wedding with pomp and gaiety due , for the sultan , by the grace of Allah , is at peace with all neighbors and he has , therefore , no Bey of Wallachia to be afraid . To enjoy all the peace " . This joy never got to live any of Brancoveni . In place of the wedding, which was officiated never Constantin Brancoveanu his family lived moments of terrible tragedies .
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    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    In town Bucharest , Tuesday, March 22, 1714 , at the time of shindig , bad news quickly made ​​round the slums : the Turks had made several appearance on the streets. Word of mouth , the news reached to the Royal Court . Baffled , people wondered : What will be again ! ... War ! ... New reign ! ... No one could give an answer . No Prince , who had to learn first , he could not be dumirească . Therefore , he sent spies through the city, with a mission to learn Turkish because arrival . At nightfall , informants turned out to be omniscient : come Mustafa Aga , capugiul , one of the oldest friends of Mr. . Quell the uproar that prevailed at court , Constantin Brancoveanu immediately sent some bad boyars to welcome guest and asked if he needed any carts to come to Court. Sly , Prince Mustafa Aga sent reply that are just passing through Bucharest and will go to see him the next morning before and continue to the Citadel Hotinului . In the evening , Brancovan palace was lit until after midnight. Sleep not by anyone. Lady Mary was Mogoşoaia girls , but they ginerii sons and children of the house and royal officials of the Court, robot maids and servants with little delay . Retired in his bedroom , prayer , Mr He spent his last peaceful night . Only after the first singing of cocks fumeginde candles began to be extinguished Palace sank , slowly , in the dark.

    Wednesday, March 23, 1714 , Prince Constantin Brancoveanu turned 60 . On that day, the procession led by Mustafa Aga Lord with due pomp at Court. Lord receive high backrest and a sign of respect , despite the years who have stands full of vivacity to the throne and meet him halfway on the guest room . Wishing him welcome , he asked to sit on a velvet sofa ruby . Constantin Brancoveanu remaining , however, somewhat surprised when capugiul Mustafa replied , in a tone unusual , it's not time to stay. Then Mustafa explains to Brancoveanu, indirectly , that he was sorry , given the old friendship that binds , to bring bad news , but this is the will of the sultan and thus and Allah Bey must submit ... Staring into the eyes of astonishment , began to discern the purpose of mumble , still capugiul authoritarian " not so obey ? " . Brancoveanu , whispering "yes " that the sultan 's envoy guess it more than you hear , suddenly found himself with black silk kerchief on the shoulder. It was the sign mazilirii . Under the weight of so many thoughts that it năpădiseră , dazed by the news Brancoveanu started to settle. Never get to do , because the push Mustafa dete an energetic, saying to him that his place is no longer there. Jumping from one of the windows of the palace , Brancoveanu tried to shout "Servants ! Servants ! Where are you? Do not leave me . " But no one answered , silence reigned everywhere . Court gates , doors Spătăriei - all were guarded by the Janissaries . Del Chiaro , customary ceremonies of Court , seeking to appear as usual , Mr. , to provide services , was stopped by guards capugiului . Several Turks were sent into town to call the Court nobles Metropolitan Soft and country. Once arrived , they were invited to the seatbacks , where, near the throne where only a few hours before had stood Constantin Brancoveanu, Mustafa Aga handed reading firman kingdom , by which the prince of Wallachia , Basarab Constantin Brancoveanu was said , Clothes and deposed "and noblemen were asked that by their signatures and seals , to meet life Brancoveanu wealth . After this brief and formal ceremony , capugiul , accompanied by his men sealed the treasure is the treasure of the country and pantry where the wealth god. The news had brought raw Mogoşoaia both Ms. Mary , as well as her daughters .

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    Perishing ...

    It had been only two days since coming intruder Mustafa Aga in Bucharest , and the locals have been given only to hear bad news. Thursday, March 24 , it was rumored that 12,000 Turks are moving from Giurgiu to Bucharest . Indeed, towards noon, imbrohorul , accompanied by several hundred sipahis - not several thousand , as heard - had a presence in the capital. Barrier encountered by landowners in Giurgiu , as was the custom , he was led with great pomp , the house steward Stefan Cantacuzino , Constantin Cantacuzino nephew . Thanks for the welcome given , imbrohorul ordinances , after 2 hours , the boyars to appear again plotting election of the new ruler . Long did not know the house steward present both sides fancy , nor ever witnessed choice Mr. country. Chronicle Wallachia recorded , but for posterity , and this event very unusual . The choice is made ​​quickly, as if everything had been prepared beforehand. First of all, I ask imbrohorul short , the landowners if they would have him as prince Michael Racoviţă , former prince of Moldavia. He knew that the answer will be negative , but his Racoviţă i owe this honor to be proposed as prince , given the active role he played in mazilirea Constantin Brancoveanu . In one voice , the boyars replied that they pimintean gentleman . Without being surprised by their request imbrohorul turned his eyes round and asked : " What's the big backs , Stefan Cantacuzino ? " . Son Constantin Cantacuzino boyars out of several steps toward imbrohor before . This , placing her hand on his shoulder, he said : " You drink " . After that , not having at hand caftan ruler , he put on his shoulders and sat him . Then commandments nobles to lead the Metropolitan prince to anoint the ruler of the country.

    Preparations for the path of woe were ending on Friday, March 25 . Few luggage that had been allowed prisoners were carefully appointed in the 5-6 carts , drawn by one of the garden paths . One by one, the 12 Brancoveni their places . The last to leave the palace , which was not going to see him again , was Constantin Brancoveanu . Before getting into the cart , I said Stephen Cantacuzino , who accompanied him , " Stephen Finu if this evil are from God for my sins , His will be done , but if they are the fruit of human evils , God forgive my enemies . "

    In the middle of the night under guard Mustafa capugiul people Constantin Brancoveanu, Mrs. Maria , the four sons , four daughters- Giner and one of Anita Bals , face great magistrate Ionita Constantin 's wife , with her ​​little son, only 7 Monday took to the Giurgiului , starting long path , but beaten , Istanbul .

    The journey lasted ... over 3 weeks . On 17 April , carriages entered the beautiful city of mosques after they traveled across were stopped at the gate of the famous prison Yedicule . Even stripped of clothes covering her body weary , former ruler of Wallachia was thrown together with his sons and ginerii in the darkest prison cell . Mrs. Maria and Anita jupineasa Bals , along with her ​​child , were encased in a bright room of one of the towers . The same day , the torture began , aimed to determine the Brancoveanu to confess where are his possessions , what banks and the country has made ​​money . Almost two months have lasted cakes : red iron chest , hot metal circles around the head , and all this in front of children and wife .

    By the end of June , the prisoner was transferred to Constantinople , in a palace built in Vlahserai . Confident , Constantin Brancoveanu still hoping , in his mind , that he could regain his kingdom. Just remember that, in 1703 , refused to give 50 yellow bags Fiez Mufti Effendi , who married girl , had been summoned to Constantinople. In place of the 50 had 250 bags , but chagrin of his enemies , he returned to Bucharest with him confirmed for life. Hopes made ​​him believe that the same thing would have occurred now. Therefore seek , without delay, to rekindle his business ties with Manu Apostle of Sibiu , in terms of money at banks in Vienna and Amsterdam , and the wealth they still had a monastery , known only them. But the letters were intercepted by the Turks , and hopes the former ruler is collapse in just a few days. On June 28 , the whole family was again imprisoned in Yedicule and torture resumed . Under torment were witnessed other possessions . But , as many would have been declared , the Turks no longer believed the Constantin Brancoveanu . On August 4 is promised the immediate and may even rule , if you disclose the place where the 20,000 bags were made ​​of gold , which the Sultan suspected that he has. Asking them is impossible and full of so many torments , Constantin Brancoveanu had the moment of spiritual rebellion . Curse loudly so the grand vizier , as well as the Sultan ,, the shadow of Allah " on earth . Because of his move in the same day he was signed his death sentence . In the morning of August 15 at 9am , market bank of the Golden Horn , which , later, Kemal Pasha was to transform the public garden was full of Muslims. All around the market, rows of janissaries , with their bright iataganele , seeking to maintain order in the crowd that had gathered to take part in one of the most barbaric performances . Across from Galata , in one of the kiosks seraglio , were the Sultan and his close advisers . All eyes were fixed on the middle market , where there was the executioner , sword in hand , ready to fulfill the commandments of the sultan , the Mufti , or Grand Vizier , Ali Pasha. Beside him were strung those six convicts. A sign of the Sultan , and bloody tragedy began without any further ceremony . In that moment , Brancoveanu Armoured encourage children , telling them : "Be brave , my sons . I lost everything I had , even souls saved us . "
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    He fell , first head of Văcărescu , close advisor prince , Constantin behind his head , and that of Stephen and , in the end, by Radu . Horrified , Matthias , the younger son , who just turned 14 , threw himself on his knees , begging him to spare the sultan . " Let me live my youth - he said - I want to be better Muslim than to die innocent ." A gesture of generosity , the former ruler Sultan asked if he allowed his son to change their religion to preserve life . Weakly so much pain, heart old father could not be persuaded : "No! - He replied bluntly - the blood Brancoveanu nobody lost faith . This bastard pay honor life he wanted to lose . "

    Remaining last , Constantin Brancoveanu bowed his neck under the sword of the executioner himself . After the first shot , head left for a moment , hanged the body to wear it for 60 years. Brancoveanu tragedy come to an end with a ceremony often used at that time in Istanbul . After the bodies of the victims were thrown into the tumultuous waters of the Bosphorus , the 6 heads were placed in the tops of spears and worn on the streets till evening late.

    For nearly 200 years , the inhabitants of Bucharest knew that his grave is located in Constantine Brancoveanu downtown. St. George's Church , founded by former lord , there are two tombstones, without any inscriptions . Above them , two candles shining silver . One of them keep the secret of who his bones rest in this place . In 1914, Professor V. Drăghicescu investigations have revealed the phrases inlaid with great carefulness , one of the candles , the silversmiths Princely Court : " The lamp , which was given to St. George the New, where rest the bones blessed lights Mr. Constantin Brancoveanu - Basarab princely prince and lady made ​​His Highness - Maria - who hope in the Lord 's Majesty , and again to rest the bones . July , 12 days leat 7228 " ( 1720 ) . When and how had the headless body of the former ruler in the church and why the stone bears no inscription ? Yellowy tabs Chronicles gives only brief information. One thing is certain: the care Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople, the bodies of the six martyrs were caught in great secrecy and carried the weight Halky one Prinkipo islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara in the old monastery built by Byzantine Emperor John Palaeologus .

    Lady Mary , after a long period of time , was a slave in the sultan's seraglio , and then for seven months , held captive in the dungeon of Bostangi Basha able to release in March 1715, in exchange for 100 bags yellow , borrowed from some bad bankers of Constantinople. After an exile that lasted a little more than one year, Kutaisi , the Caucasus , the Black Sea in the autumn of 1716 with the death of Ali Pasha, Grand Vizier under Peterwardin fortress walls , and the conclusion of peace, shameful for Turks Passarowitz , Mrs. Maria given permission to return to Bucharest. As a result , crossed the Black Sea, a sailing ship , landing at Varna on October 17 , en route to Giurgiu , meeting in Razgrad, the new ruler of Wallachia , called Turkish dragoman John Mavrocordat . Coming together in Bucharest , with the permission of Mme Maria brought her husband's body , which , in July 1720 , buried in great secrecy in the church where he is today.


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