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Chef Pipos Petre

Chef Pipos Petre
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Moderate consumption of coffee benefits the nervous system , heart and digestive system and prevents diabetes and colon cancer
    Probably you have not never thought of coffee as a health elixir . Instead , try to give up smoking flavor . Make a mistake , a cup of coffee is the cure for colon cancer , treats headaches , improves mood and cognitive performance , reduce the risk of developing diabetes and Parkinson remove kidney stones and helps in weight loss diets . These few arguments convince us that black and hot fluid is not harmful to health. On one condition : not to overuse . Too much coffee will do more harm than good.

   Source of antioxidants and fiber

   Coffee is the second edible product in the world after oil , and the second drink after water. The taste and aroma of coffee are appreciated in all countries , the daily consumption of more than 100 million people. Doctors us scared harmful effects of coffee which increases tension and yellowing teeth . More and more research shows , however, that our favorite morning beverage protects us from a lot of diseases , of which about 10 are fatal . What is the truth about the controversial pleasure morning ? Coffee contains caffeine, a substance that stimulates the central nervous system , having temporarily energizing effect on the body. Contains antioxidants , four times stronger than green tea . Also, beans contain chlorogenic acid (reduces blood glucose concentration ) , polyphenols ( role in protecting cells ) and oxazole ( with anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic ) . I may sound shocking, but coffee has more fiber and more antioxidants than orange juice. A study by a group of scientists in Spain has proved that a cup of black coffee has a fiber content higher polyphenols than any other beverage on the planet.

   Heart protector

   A study of the Iowa Women 's Health , on a sample of 27,000 women over a period of 15 years shows that due to the consumption of coffee ( decaf or not ) decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease , especially in women. More specifically , if we drink three cups a day , the chances of us fall sick heart by 24%. But attention ! Regarding the cardiovascular benefits of coffee are smaller as the number of servings consumed daily is higher. In moderation , coffee combat bad cholesterol , that fat is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and lead to a heart or strokes . It is true that a cup of coffee increases heart rate . However, all the research done in the UK and the U.S. have shown that the use of filtered coffee causes no change in heart rate in people who have suffered bouts of heart. Therefore it is not necessary that these people gave up coffee.

    No headaches and stress

    The best known effect of coffee is exerted on the brain and nervous system. Nothing removes fatigue better than a cup of coffee. We forbid the drowsiness that occurs after lunch . Caffeine in coffee has a greater analgesic effect advisable especially for migraines. This explains the fact that some analgesics containing low doses of caffeine. Coffee consumption is linked with cognitive performance : simple tests such as reaction speed, storing auditory or visual -spatial reasoning tests , people who drink coffee regularly have better outcomes than others. If you drink coffee in small doses throughout the day , you will be more alert , more active and energized , they found doctors at Harvard Medical School. Doctors in Singapore say that if you drink coffee , you will not shake, so dispelling the myth that excessive caffeine stimulate peripheral nerves . Coffee improves mood. A cup of coffee enjoyed at breakfast make your day better , say researchers at the University of Wales , College of Cardiff , UK . Moreover, Korean experts say it has the same effect and the smell of fresh coffee to ward off stress.
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   Alzheimer Coffe do not

    With coffee can age well . A truth that intrigue us . Latest studies show that magic potion plays a protective role on brain cells , neurons famed once destroyed, not rebuilt . We are so sheltered in old age , the total loss of memory, common in the 10 % of the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer's. Studies have shown that people who drink about two cups of coffee a day are less likely to get Alzheimer's. In addition, coffee has proven role in reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease : a comparative study was made between hardcore drinkers of coffee ( three to four cups a day ) and nebautorii coffee and found that early chances are 50-80 % lower to develop the disease . Many people say that if you drink coffee in the evening, not able to sleep. Perfectly true . However, according to recent studies , it appears that despite the fact that a cup of coffee consumed in the evening, before bed , we make it hard to sleep , this usually does not affect the phase of dreaming and deep sleep either . Not a high consumption of seven cups a day does not affect the quality of sleep .

   Beans Goatherd

    A native of East Africa in the province of Kaffa (Ethiopia ) coffee was discovered by chance by a pastor who did not understand why they guarded the goats were extremely brisk . One time, coffee was consuption as fruit, with meat and fat goat being considered medicine. Subsequently , the coffee would compete expensive wines the Romans brought the Mediterranean . By the time the Arab expansion , was coveted drink all imperial royal courts and in Europe, being called " Arabian wine " . In the fifteenth century , the first coffee shop opened in the Ottoman Empire. Yet many do not drink coffee because of its bitter taste . Later , coffee was planted in South America and so Arabesco - Turkish monopoly on coffee collapsed . Between colonial powers were fought wars monopoly and coffee culture . In the Romanian countries , flavored liqueur entered the early 16th century , during the reign of Stephen the Great. Today , there have been nearly 80 varieties of coffee.
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     Brandy antidiabetic

    After analyzing the data of 126,000 people for 18 years , Harvard researchers calculate that coffee drinkers are much less at risk of contracting type 2 diabetes . People who drink four to six cups a day had a 28 % lower risk of contracting diabetes than those who drink only two cups of coffee or less. Coffee does not cause acidity. Gastric acidity is one of the most unpleasant ailments and has many causes , from stress eating spicy food . Fortunately , contrary to popular belief , there is no link between coffee consumption and this annoying problem , no matter how hard and bitter coffee had been consumed. This is supported by a UK study , involving 394 patients with sensitive stomachs . Also, could not establish any link between coffee consumption and gastric or duodenal ulcer . Coffee stimulates gastric secretion and rapid evacuation of accumulated toxins in the digestive tract , 150 ml of coffee being 60 % more efficient than a glass of water or a meal of 1,000 calories .
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   Natural diuretic

    Coffee is a diuretic and a natural laxative , reduces the incidence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer . It has been shown that filtered coffee is more purgative than usual . Even today researchers then try to discover which of the 300 organic substances contained in coffee beans contribute laxation . The fact is that this drink helps bowel cancer prevention . Study results show that women who consumed more than three cups of coffee per day shows a lower risk (60 % ) of developing cervical cancer compared to those who consumed less than two cups of coffee a week. Caffeinated coffee drinkers are 45% less likely occurrence of kidney stones and gall . The most common form of inflammatory arthritis , gout, while disfiguring wrists, sometimes making it impossible to use them . Regular consumption of coffee, long time leads to decrease levels of uric acid , due to the occurrence of the disease , according to a recent study . And to be downright dismayed , know that prevents dental caries due to tannin content .

   Silhouette tangle with coffee

   Coffee cure herpes . Has antiviral, say Japanese researchers who tested ( in vitro ) 15 types of coffee (8 normal and 7 instant ) . They found that coffee extract (regardless of use ) there is an ingredient that kills the virus through direct contact and prevent spreading it to other neighboring cells . Caffeine contained in grains has an incentive effect and drainage cell , allowing an easier cellulite reduction layer that 90 % of women face . So body cosmetics containing caffeine edematous effects ( do not retain fluids in cells) and stimulates the circulation of venous and lymph . Coffee creams on skin rejuvenation . A trick from Grandma : coffee grounds from the coffee pot is a great exfoliant . Grounds massage on the arms , legs or face, especially before shaving. Coffee stimulates burning calories coming from fat. In other words , a cup , two of coffee a day helps us maintain our weight within normal limits. Incentive effect of combustion due to its vitamin B3. Coffee is low in protein and sugar , contains more sugars polymerized form of cellulose, not fat. There is also evidence that a moderate dose of coffee may remove a patient from a severe shortage of asthma when medication does not reach and improves athletic performance ( stimulating muscles ) .
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   Black , without cream

    Many years ago, the World Health Organization stated that "there is no evidence that caffeine could be compared with drug abuse. It's a big difference between the habit of drinking every day a certain amount of coffee and addiction . " A recent study brings scientific support for this claim. More specifically , it was found that regardless of the quantity that is consumed caffeine activates reward circuitry of the brain, as do amphetamines or cocaine . Although , it seems, does not cause addiction, coffee also has its evils . But only when abused . And especially when it is associated with cigarettes , sugar , milk and cream . Latest research has shown that women who regularly drink more than three to four cups of coffee a day increases the likelihood of bone fragility ( osteoporosis ) after menopause . In large quantities, harms pregnancy. However , a study conducted in Canada shows that moderate coffee consumption (ie, a mug, a maximum of two per day) is absolutely harmless in any stage of the reproductive cycle , including pregnancy or breastfeeding . " Coffee consumers have no reason to feel guilty for their little pleasure, as long as you do not exaggerate ," says Dr.
Tomas De Paulis , a researcher at Vanderbilt University 's Institute for Studies Cofee .

   Better with than without caffeine

    People who prefer decaffeinated coffee to avoid stimulating action of caffeine subject influence of other chemicals . Analysis of organic solvents are used to remove caffeine showed that two of them are carcinogenic . Despite popular belief , decaffeinated coffee is not totally caffeine free . If you drink more decaf , you can quickly get to level of caffeine in regular coffee . In addition, it seems that the degree of negative cholesterol increases and , with it , the risks of cardiovascular diseases . Why? According to researchers, the grains of which is decaffeinated coffee are of poor quality and fatter .

   Figures flavored coffee

- Thanks to coffee drinkers are protected from Parkinson inveterate 80 % of colon cancer (25 % ) , liver cirrhosis ( 80 % ) and kidney stones (50 %).

- Coffee is the first product in terms of caffeine content , but also tea , chocolate and some painkillers were prepared in composition caffeine. One cup ( 150 ml ) of normal coffee is 115 mg caffeine, the soluble -65 mg -40 mg tea , cola , 18 mg, 4 mg cocoa , hot chocolate , 3 mg , 3 mg , decaffeinated coffee , milk chocolate -20 mg - 60 mg two tablets painkillers

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Sanatatea din ceasca de cafea
Consumul moderat de cafea aduce beneficii pentru sistemul nervos, inima si digestie si previne diabetul si cancerul de colon
    Probabil nu v-ati gandit niciodata la cafea ca la un elixir de sanatate. Dimpotriva, incercati sa renuntati la acest viciu aromat. Faceti o greseala, o ceasca de cafea e leac pentru cancerul de colon, trateaza durerile de cap, imbunatateste starea de spirit si performantele cognitive, reduce riscul imbolnavirii de diabet si Parkinson, elimina pietrele de la rinichi si ajuta in dietele de slabire. Aceste citeva argumente ne conving ca lichidul negru si fierbinte nu e nociv pentru sanatate. Cu o conditie: sa nu abuzam. Prea multa cafea ne va face mai mult rau decat bine.

   Sursa de antioxidanti si fibre

   Cafeaua este al doilea produs comestibil din lume, dupa ulei, si a doua bautura, dupa apa. Gustul si aroma cafelei sunt apreciate in toate tarile, fiind consumata zilnic de peste 100 de milioane de oameni. Medicii ne-au speriat cu efectele daunatoare ale cafelei care creste tensiunea si ingalbeneste dintii. Tot mai multe cercetari arata insa ca bautura noastra favorita de dimineata ne protejeaza de o multime de boli, din care vreo 10 sunt letale. Care este adevarul despre aceasta controversata placere matinala? Cafeaua contine cafeina, o substanta care stimuleaza sistemul nervos central, avind efect temporar energizant pentru organism. Contine si antioxidanti, de patru ori mai puternici decat ceaiul verde. De asemenea, boabele de cafea contin acid clorogenic (reduce concentratia de glucoza din sange), polifenoli (cu rol in protectia celulelor) si oxazol (cu efect antiinflamator si antireumatic). O sa vi se para socant, dar cafeaua are mai multe fibre si mai multi antioxidanti decat sucul de portocale. Un studiu facut de un grup de savanti din Spania a dovedit ca o cana de cafea neagra are un continut de fibre si polifenoli mai ridicat decat orice alta bautura de pe planeta.

   Protectoarea inimii

   Un studiu facut la Iowa Women’s Health, pe un esantion de 27.000 de femei, pe o perioada de 15 ani, arata ca, datorita consumului de cafea (decofeinizata sau nu) scade si riscul afectiunilor cardiovasculare, in special la femei. Mai exact, daca bem trei cani pe zi, sansele de a ne imbolnavi de inima scad cu 24%. Dar, atentie! In ceea ce priveste bolile cardiovasculare, beneficiile cafelei sunt mai mici cu cat numarul de portii consumate zilnice este mai mare. In cantitati moderate, cafeaua combate colesterolul rau, adica grasimile care se depun pe peretii vaselor de sange si duc la aparitia infarctului sau a accidentelor cerebrale. Este adevarat si ca o cana de cafea duce la cresterea pulsului. Cu toate acestea, toate cercetarile facute in Marea Britanie si in SUA au aratat ca folosirea cafelei filtrate nu provoaca schimbarea ritmului cardiac la persoanele care au suferit accese de inima. De aceea nu e obligatoriu ca aceste persoane sa renunte definitiv la cafea.
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    Fara dureri de cap si stres

    Cel mai cunoscut efect al cafelei este cel exercitat asupra creierului si sistemului nervos. Nimic nu inlatura mai bine oboseala decat o ceasca de cafea. Ne fereste de moleseala care apare dupa masa de pranz. Cofeina din cafea are un efect sporit de analgezic, recomandabil in special in cazul migrenelor. Asa se explica si faptul ca unele medicamente analgezice contin doze mici de cofeina. Consumul de cafea are legatura si cu performantele cognitive: la teste simple, cum ar fi viteza de reactie, memorarea auditiva sau teste de rationamente vizual-spatiale, persoanele care beau regulat cafea au rezultate mai bune decat ceilalti.  Daca beti cafeaua in doze mici pe tot parcursul zilei, veti fi mai atenti, mai activi si mai energici, au descoperit medicii de la Harvard Medical School. Doctorii din Singapore spun ca daca beti cafea, nu veti tremura, spulberand astfel mitul conform caruia cofeina ar stimula excesiv nervii periferici. Cafeaua imbunatateste si starea de spirit. O cana de cafea savurata la micul dejun face ziua mai buna, spun cercetatorii de la University of Wales, College of Cardiff, din Marea Britanie. Mai mult, specialistii coreeni sustin ca acelasi efect il are si mirosul de cafea proaspata care alunga stresul.

   Cafegiii nu fac Alzheimer

    Cu ajutorul cafelei putem imbatrani frumos. Un adevar care ne intriga. Ultimele studii arata ca licoarea magica joaca un rol protector asupra celulelor creierului, faimosii neuroni care, odata distrusi, nu se mai refac. Suntem astfel feriti, la batranete, de pierderea totala a memoriei, frecventa la cei 10% dintre batranii care sufera de Alzheimer. Studiile au aratat ca persoanele care beau aproximativ doua cesti de cafea pe zi au mai putine sanse de a face Alzheimer. In plus, cafeaua are rol dovedit in reducerea riscului bolii Parkinson: a fost facut un studiu comparativ intre bautorii inraiti de cafea (trei, patru cesti pe zi) si nebautorii de cafea si s-a descoperit ca sansele primilor sunt cu 50-80% mai mici sa dezvolte boala. Multi oameni spun ca, daca beau cafea seara, nu reusesc sa doarma. Perfect adevarat. Totusi, potrivit ultimelor studii, se pare ca, in ciuda faptului ca o cana de cafea consumata seara, inainte de culcare, ne face sa adormim mai greu, acest obicei nu afecteaza cu nimic faza de visare si nici cea de somn profund. Nici macar un consum ridicat de 7 cani pe zi nu afecteaza calitatea somnului.
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   Boabele pastorului de capre

    De origine din Africa de Est din provincia Kaffa (Etiopia) cafeaua a fost descoperita intamplator de un pastor, care nu pricepea de ce caprele pe care le pazea erau extrem de vioaie. O perioada, cafeaua a fost cosumata ca fruct, cu bucati din carne si seu de capra, fiind socotita medicament. Ulterior, cafeaua avea sa concureze vinurile scumpe pe care romanii le aduceau din bazinul mediteraneean. Pe vremea expansiunii arabe, bautura era rivnita la toate curtile regale si imperiale din Europa, fiind denumita „vinul arabesc“. In secolul XV, s-a deschis prima cafenea in Imperiul Otoman. Totusi multi nu consumau cafea din cauza gustului ei amar. Ulterior, cafeaua s-a plantat in America de Sud si astfel monopolul arabesco-turcesc asupra cafelei s-a prabusit. Intre marile puteri coloniale s-au purtat si razboaie pentru monopolul culturii cafelei. In Tarile Romane, licoarea aromata a patruns la inceputul secolului 16, pe vremea lui Stefan cel Mare. Azi, se cunosc aproape 80 de soiuri de cafea.

     Licoare antidiabet

    Dupa ce au analizat datele a 126.000 de oameni, timp de 18 ani, cercetatorii de la Harvard au calculat ca bautorii de cafea sunt mult mai putin expusi riscului de a se imbolnavi de diabet de tip 2. Oamenii care beau intre patru si sase cani pe zi au un risc cu 28% mai scazut de a se imbolnavi de diabet decat cei care consuma doar doua cani de cafea sau mai putin. Cafeaua nu provoaca aciditate. Aciditatea gastrica este una dintre cele mai neplacute afectiuni si are o multime de cauze, de la consumul de alimente picante la stres. Din fericire, contrar credintei populare, nu exista nicio legatura intre consumul de cafea si aceasta enervanta problema, oricat de tare si de amara ar fi fost cafeaua consumata. Acest lucru e sustinut de un studiu din Marea Britanie, la care au participat 394 de pacienti cu stomacul sensibil. De asemenea, nu s-a putut stabili nicio legatura intre consumul de cafea si ulcerul gastric sau duodenal. Cafeaua stimuleaza secretia gastrica si evacuarea rapida a toxinelor acumulate in tubul digestiv, 150 de ml de cafea fiind cu 60% mai eficiente decat un pahar cu apa sau un pranz de 1.000 de calorii.

   Diuretic natural

    Cafeaua este un diuretic si un laxativ natural, reduce incidenta de ciroza hepatica si de cancer hepatic. S-a demonstrat ca filtrata, cafeaua este si mai purgativa decat cea obisnuita. Chiar si in zilele noastre cercetatorii mai incearca sa descopere care dintre cele 300 de substante organice continute de boabele de cafea contribuie la efectul laxativ. Cert e ca, aceasta bautura contribuie la profilaxia cancerului de intestin gros. Rezultatele studiului arata ca femeile care au consumat mai mult de trei cesti de cafea pe zi prezinta un risc mai redus (60%) de a dezvolta cancer de col uterin fata de cele care au consumat mai putin de doua cesti de cafea pe saptamana. Bautorii de cafea cu cafeina sunt cu 45% mai putin predispusi aparitiei pietrelor la rinichi si la fiere. Cea mai comuna forma de artrita inflamatoare, guta, deformeaza in timp incheieturile mainilor, facand uneori imposibila folosirea acestora. Consumul regulat de cafea, timp indelungat, duce la micsorarea nivelului de acid uric, cauza producerii bolii, arata un studiu recent. Si ca sa fiti de-a dreptul consternati, aflati ca previne cariile dentare, datorita continutului de tanin.

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   Silueta se intretine cu cafea

   Cafeaua vindeca herpesul. Are proprietati antivirale, spun cercetatorii japonezi, care au testat (in vitro) 15 tipuri de cafea (8 obisnuite si 7 instant). Au descoperit astfel ca in extractul de cafea (indiferent de tipul folosit) exista un ingredient care distruge virusul prin contact direct si impiedica raspindirea lui la celelalte celule invecinate. Cafeina continuta in boabe are un efect de stimulare si drenare celulara, permitind o mai simpla reducere a stratului celulitic cu care 90% dintre femei se confrunta. Asadar, produsele cosmetice de corp cu continut de cafeina au efecte antiedematoase (nu retin lichidele in celule) si de stimulare a circulatiei venoase si limfatice. Cremele pe baza de cafea intineresc epiderma. Un truc de la bunica: zatul de la cafeaua la ibric este un exfoliant foarte bun. Zatul se maseaza pe brate, pe picioare sau chiar pe fata, mai ales inainte de epilare. Cafeaua stimuleaza arderea caloriilor care provin din grasimi. Altfel spus, o cescuta, doua de cafea pe zi ne ajuta sa ne mentinem greutatea in limite normale. Efectul de stimulare a arderilor se datoreaza continutului de vitamina B3. Cafeaua este saraca in proteine si zaharuri, contine mai mult zaharuri polimerizate, sub forma de celuloza, care nu ingrasa. De asemenea, exista dovezi ca o doza moderata de cafea poate scoate un pacient dintr-o criza acuta de astm, atunci cand nu are medicatia la indemana si imbunatateste performantele atletice (stimuland musculatura).
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   Neagra, dar fara frisca

    Cu multi ani in urma, World Health Organization a declarat ca „nu exista dovezi conform carora consumul de cofeina ar putea fi comparat cu abuzul de droguri. E o mare diferenta intre obiceiul de a bea in fiecare zi o anumita cantitate de cafea si dependenta“. Un studiu recent aduce si suportul stiintific pentru aceasta afirmatie. Mai exact, s-a descoperit ca, indiferent de cantitatea in care este consumata, cofeina nu activeaza circuitul de recompensa al creierului, asa cum fac amfetaminele sau cocaina. Desi, se pare, nu produce dependenta, cafeaua are si ea relele ei. Dar, numai atunci cand se face abuz. Si, mai ales, atunci cand e asociata cu tigara, zaharul, laptele si frisca. Ultimele cercetari au aratat ca la femeile care beau in mod regulat mai mult de trei-patru cesti de cafea pe zi creste probabilitatea aparitiei fragilitatii oaselor (osteoporoza) dupa aparitia menopauzei. In cantitati mari, dauneaza sarcinii. Insa, un studiu realizat in Canada arata ca un consum moderat de cafea (adica o cana, maximum doua pe zi) este absolut inofensiv in orice etapa a ciclului reproductiv, inclusiv sarcina sau alaptare. „Consumatorii de cafea nu au niciun motiv sa se simta vinovati pentru mica lor placere, atita timp cat nu exagereaza“, spune dr.
Tomas De Paulis, cercetator la Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Cofee Studies.
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   Mai bine cu decat fara cofeina

    Persoanele care prefera cafeaua decofeinizata pentru a evita actiunile excitante ale cofeinei se supun influentei altor chimicale. Analiza dizolvantilor organici care se folosesc pentru inlaturarea cafeinei a aratat ca doi dintre acestia sunt cancerigeni. In ciuda a ceea ce se crede, cafeaua decofeinizata nu e in totalitate lipsita de cofeina. Daca veti bea mai multa cafea decofeinizata, putesi ajunge rapid sa atingeti nivelul de cofeina dintr-o cafea normala. In plus, se pare ca gradul de colesterol negativ creste si, odata cu el, riscurile privind bolile cardio-vasculare. De ce? Conform cercetatorilor, boabele din care se face cafeaua decofeinizata sunt de mai proasta calitate si mai grase.

   Cifre cu aroma de cafea

- Gratie cafelei, bautorii inveterati sunt mai protejati de Parkinson cu 80%, de cancerul de colon (25%), de ciroza hepatica (80%) si de pietrele la rinichi (50%).

- Cafeaua este primul produs in ceea ce priveste continutul de cafeina, dar si ceaiul, ciocolata si citeva preparate calmante au in compozitie cafeina. Intr-o ceasca (150 ml) de cafea normala sunt 115 mg cofeina, in cea solubila-65 mg, ceaiul-40 mg, cola-18 mg, cacao-4 mg, ciocolata calda-3 mg, cafea decofeinizata-3 mg, ciocolata cu lapte-20 mg, doua tablete calmante-60 mg.


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